Firm Culture

Thrive in a progressive work environment

Work with great people

People comment on it as soon as they meet us – our collegial atmosphere and friendly, ‘open door’ office culture are key elements of our welcoming work environment. This approach is collaborative, team-centred and non-hierarchical. New ideas are welcome and encouraged.

Everyone here wants to be at their very best. Collectively, we are committed to the highest levels of professional excellence. Our lawyers are genuinely enthusiastic about working together to achieve the best results for our clients. This culture of teamwork extends beyond practice groups or the regional office –Toronto associates regularly collaborate with colleagues throughout the firm.

Enjoy a positive social environment

One of the secrets to Stikeman Elliott’s success as a law firm is that we truly enjoy each other’s company. We keep the fabric of the firm strong and reinforce personal ties through celebrations of our achievements, big and small. We host a wide variety of events throughout the year that appeal to a range of interests, such as holiday celebrations, fund-raisers and other charitable events, organized sports leagues and team-building challenges, not to mention impromptu social nights and celebrations of individual triumphs.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is real — you can be yourself here

We have great respect for the range of skills and interests our people bring to the table as individuals. We engage and encourage individual talents and pursuits and are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the firm, the profession and our community. Our multi-year recognition as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers is a source of great pride, and we constantly seek to refine and improve our efforts.

The Toronto office’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee has identified a number of priorities and focus areas, including ongoing recruitment outreach, unconscious bias training, and enhanced accountability and training at the leadership level.

A commitment to women’s success

Stikeman Elliott is dedicated to fostering the continued engagement of women at all levels of the firm. Our Toronto office boasts numerous longstanding programs that support women in their pursuit of career goals. These programs include tailored business development skills training, mentorship, strategic office placement, awareness around staffing and work allocation practices, and leadership coaching. We fully support our many women lawyers who are parents, and have implemented progressive policies covering maternity leave, telecommuting and flexible hour arrangements, as well as personalized transition coaching for women returning after maternity leave.

We are a proud recipient of the Profiles in Diversity Journal's Award of Excellence. The firm was recognized for its innovative action plan that is focused on the advancement of women lawyers in the areas of retention, advancement to partnership, business development and leadership.