Career Development

We want you to succeed

Get all the tools and support you need to handle the job

Stikeman Elliott’s student program is as supportive as it is empowering. We are committed to helping you develop all the skills you will need for a long and rewarding legal career. 

This comprehensive training program will give you an excellent grounding in core legal skills that you’ll use as an associate and in the future. Beyond that, your mentors and colleagues will also provide business-savvy advice and show you how we work together as a team to serve our clients.

Participate in CLE training alongside our lawyers

Our broad and comprehensive formalized Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program is delivered in a variety of formats. In-house seminars are taught by subject-matter experts, including Stikeman Elliott partners, associates and invited guest speakers. Students also participate in regular practice group meetings. Throughout the year, we encourage our students to attend Canadian Bar Association (CBA) luncheons and other external courses that are relevant to their practices.

As a Calgary articling student, you’ll travel to Toronto for Stikeman Elliott’s Student Skills Retreat — a two-day intensive training workshop that offers a mix of hands-on assignments and sessions discussing typical legal procedures and client situations you’re likely to experience during your work term.

Experience real mentorship

A tradition of mentorship is deeply woven into the firm’s culture, and forms one of the cornerstones of our student program. You will find that there is always a helping hand to coach you while you ‘learn by doing’. Each Calgary articling student is paired with a partner who serves as a principal and an associate who acts as a mentor, while each summer student is matched with an associate mentor. 

Your mentor will be your initial point of contact for work assignments, and will offer in-depth coaching, support and career guidance. Mentors will also help you to monitor and balance your workload while recommending assignments that will give you a varied and well-rounded learning experience.

In addition to your principal and mentor, Nicole Lecours, Director of Professional Resources, is always available to offer support and advice. If you have any questions, your colleagues will be happy to chat informally and share their point of view.

Get lots of feedback

We place a great emphasis on offering timely and constructive comments (both formal and informal) throughout your work period. This regular feedback means you won’t wonder how you’re doing; you’ll always have a good sense of your progress. And career guidance won’t just come from your mentors – many Stikeman Elliott lawyers will take an interest in your experience and development.

Articling students receive two formal reviews during their term, while summer students sit down for a comprehensive assessment in August. Reviews are based on input from all of the lawyers you have worked with and are intended to assist with your continued development as a lawyer. In addition to formal reviews, you can also expect to receive ongoing informal feedback from the other lawyers on your team. And the feedback doesn’t just flow in one direction – we solicit input from our students and regularly use your suggestions to enhance our work culture and training best practices.