Why Stikeman Elliott?

Why do the best and the brightest choose Stikeman Elliott Ottawa? 

You can achieve your goals

Stikeman Elliott is the firm for students who aspire to live up to their full potential. We won’t hold you back – we give you the autonomy and the tools to take ownership of your career path.

Student support systems are robust, not restrictive

As a Stikeman Elliott student you are empowered to control your future. We offer an incredible amount of support, but we won’t stifle your interests or ambitions.

Students can access a wide variety of resources for both practical questions and career guidance. Each Ottawa articling student is supported by a robust mentoring system and an “open door” policy, which allows you to obtain the benefit of a lawyer’s perspective on an informal basis. 

We’re proud to be a part of Stikeman Elliott – you will be too!

Join a team of leading lawyers who have chosen to make their careers at Stikeman Elliott’s Ottawa office. Stikeman Elliott is a top-tier Canadian business law firm, and therefore attracts a significant share of high-profile deals, cross-border transactions and litigation files. As the home of the firm’s regulatory practice, our Ottawa office plays a critical role in many of these mandates, and students here work on matters for sophisticated clients operating in the national and international arenas.

More importantly, we feel that your time here as a student is an excellent opportunity to learn from the best and brightest. Just as a gifted professor can inspire a passion for the law, working on a precedent-setting matter alongside a lawyer who is a master of their craft can develop your skills and influence your career path for years to come.