Students are the best ambassadors for the Stikeman Elliott experience. Feel free to contact any current student to ask questions about the Toronto office and to learn more about whether Stikeman Elliott is the right firm for you.

2018 Summer Students

2018/2019 Articling Students

  • Mo Abdel Hadi (Western University)
  • Kate Amirault (Queen's University)
  • Nick Avis (Western University)
  • Jennifer Che (University of Toronto)
  • Dan Chomski (University of Ottawa)
  • Alex DeParde (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Oron Eli (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Meaghan Eyolfson (University of Ottawa)
  • Jenna Glicksman (University of Toronto)
  • John Henderson (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Shawna Leclair (Queen's University)
  • Alexandria Matic (University of Toronto)
  • Malcolm Peck-McQueen (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Sam Pivnick (University of Toronto)
  • Taylor Robertson (Dalhousie University)
  • Dave Rossetti (University of Windsor)
  • Sara Shayan (University of Ottawa)
  • James Sifakis (Western University)
  • Amy Stoyan (University of Toronto)
  • Sarah Visentin (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Emma Walter (Cambridge University)
  • Brett Zeggil (Osgoode Hall Law School)