Get to know our Students Committee members

The Toronto Students Committee is responsible for all aspects of student recruitment, as well as training, development and evaluation of summer and articling students. Please feel free to contact Susan Pak or any member of the Committee to learn more about Stikeman Elliott and our Toronto student experience.

Susan Pak Susan Pak (Chair)
Kathleen Chevalier Kathleen Chevalier
Larry Cobb Larry Cobb
Lauren Flack Lauren Flack
Ramandeep Grewal Ramandeep Grewal
Lindsay Gwyer Lindsay Gwyer
 Jeff Hershenfield Jeff Hershenfield
Sam Hosseini Sam Hosseini
Aaron Kreaden Aaron Kreaden
Shanin H. Lott Shanin H. Lott
Christopher D. Lofft Christopher D. Lofft
Evan Marcus Evan Marcus
Tim McCormick Tim McCormick
 Daniel S. Murdoch Daniel S. Murdoch
Wesley Ng Wesley Ng
Meaghan Obee Tower Meaghan Obee Tower
Ashley M. Piotrowski Ashley M. Piotrowski
Kevin Smyth Kevin Smyth
Lanette Wilkinson Lanette Wilkinson
Glenn Zacher Glenn Zacher