When it matters most

Around the world, Stikeman Elliott is the law firm clients call first when the stakes are high. Even under pressure, clients know they can count on us for practical, purpose-driven and reality-based solutions that meet current and future needs.

Taking on the toughest challenges

We relish a challenge! Clients bring us their most formidable issues, confident that with our counsel, the way will ultimately become clear. Whether dealing with essential corporate matters, cross-border transactions or high-profile litigation cases, our belief is that a client’s objective becomes the firm’s objective. So, we simply don’t stop until the challenge has been met and answered.

Passion for the law—recognition of the real world

A limitless enthusiasm for our work fuels a creative approach to problem solving—but our advice is always rooted in reality. What’s more, clients need definitive and clear recommendations, not conceptual options. We leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience to develop bespoke, original solutions, and provide answers that work with their business realities.

After all, while a legal issue may be solved relatively quickly, clients must live with the operational consequences of our advice for years to come. So, whether helping to preserve the long-term working relationship of involved parties… or negotiating a fair outcome to litigation, both short-term and long-term client needs remain sharply in focus.

The best people

When clients work with Stikeman Elliott, they work with the most talented lawyers in the country—because that’s who we hire. Top lawyers shine even brighter in an environment that supports individuality while celebrating team achievement. Clients benefit from the synergy created by the diversity of cultures, perspectives and experiences present in our firm.

Never waver

Every day, our lawyers use their unparalleled understanding of Canadian laws and business to solve clients’ most complex business problems. Every day, we love what we do. It is an indelible part of the Stikeman Elliott credo that passion drives success. Our reputation as a preeminent law firm is built on both dedication and results. Each and every day, our clients get the very best of us.