Doing great things for our communities, every day

At Stikeman Elliott, we are proud to live and work in our communities. Firm members make significant contributions to the civic life of their local cities and a sense of social engagement is at the core of the firm’s culture, both for individual and collective initiatives.

Members raise funds for health research, serve on the boards of charities and cultural institutions, participate in community clean-up efforts, volunteer at shelters, and mentor students, among countless other activities. Many of our colleagues have also given their time and attention to global causes such as refugee crises, natural disaster recovery efforts and other humanitarian relief campaigns.

The matching donations program: a keystone of our community outreach efforts

Introduced in 2007, the popular matching donations program is a perfect example of how we bring together individual engagement and the firm’s commitment to supporting the causes our members believe in. When a firm member takes a position on a charitable board, makes a donation or volunteers, the firm makes a financial donation to the organization in recognition of that effort.

Donating time, energy and enthusiasm

Stikeman Elliott contributions are not simply financial – we donate our time and skills as well. A variety of resources are offered to firm members who are involved in organizing charitable and community initiatives. Facilities are also provided for guest speakers who visit our offices to share stories about challenges facing our communities and the ways we can help.

Pro bono initiatives that really make a difference

Stikeman Elliott’s wide-ranging pro bono program is based and operates on this grassroots principle. Lawyers identify a need and then lead the way in organizing and providing legal support. Work includes representing marginalized groups and individuals as well as advancing social justice causes.

Firm members provide pro bono legal advice to a variety of deserving organizations, including schools and educational facilities, health charities, youth organizations, arts institutions, community organizations, and more. Our lawyers volunteer as duty counsel in provincial courts and offer their services free of charge through a variety of legal clinics. We also donate our legal expertise to boards of charities and other not-for-profit organizations.