Industry leaders in environmental sustainability

Stikeman Elliott’s commitment to environmental sustainability touches everything we do. From the design of our offices to the way we communicate with clients, every effort is made to minimize our environmental footprint.

As a solutions-driven firm, we established an environmental program that concentrates on four areas to realize the greatest impact: waste reduction, waste recycling, energy efficiency, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Listening to our people

Because our firm is driven by individuals and teamwork, it’s only natural that most of our environmental initiatives start as suggestions from individual firm members, which are then implemented by one of our green committees. Everyone here shows their strong support for the firm’s environmental efforts by committing whole-heartedly to activities like recycling, double-sided printing and using reusable plates and cutlery.

Waste reduction and energy efficiency: the cornerstones of our operations

The firm as a whole is committed to eliminating the unnecessary use of materials whenever possible. Everyone here has taken on the challenge of reducing waste and diverting it into recycling, such as using electronic forms instead of paper and eliminating bottled water in the office.

Ensuring energy efficiency is also one of our core beliefs, from making simple changes to the way our meals are catered to investing in energy-saving lighting. Thought was also put into how purchases are made, aligning with suppliers who are also committed to sound environmental practices.

This collective dedication to the environment also extends to the places we work. All our office buildings are BOMA BEST certified, with the Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver offices having achieved LEED EB Gold certification, and the Ottawa office holding LEED EB Platinum certification. When it comes to renovations and upgrades, the stakes for the environment couldn’t be higher—which is why we incorporate energy efficiency and environmental considerations into every new plan. Since we value creative solutions, business partners are often encouraged to return to the drawing board to come up with better environmental solutions.

Greening our communities

At Stikeman Elliott, environmentalism has become an integral part of our community involvement. Firm members support organizations that promote and facilitate community-based environmental issues.

This commitment extends well beyond work life. Firm members are encouraged to use public transport through such initiatives as a monthly transit-pass giveaway and clean air commute challenges. What’s more, our Intranet includes green tips that members can use at home.