Fresh perspectives: Stikeman Elliott takes website to next level and refreshes brand

August 19, 2017

You’ve probably noticed something different. Yes, the website has changed. But it goes far beyond simply cosmetic. First of all, our website is more responsive than ever, resizing to fit any mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop device. We’ve also added a powerful search application, which actually learns as it is used. That’s right, it keeps up with you and automatically provides the most relevant requests.

Knowledge Hub, providing 24/7 access to our wealth of knowledge, is a feature of which we are particularly proud. Knowledge Hub is a constantly updated trove of all the latest legal updates, by topic and at the tip of your fingers.

You will see that in order to make things easier for clients and colleagues to find what they are looking for, we’ve made the site extremely modern and intuitive. In fact, it actually tracks what content is sought. This way, we keep tabs on what is important to users so that searches and content are even more pertinent and significant.

Launching the new website also coincides with a wider initiative to refresh our Stikeman Elliott brand. We knew the time was right. A refresh enhances our brand while respecting our core identity – it also shows our engagement with the world in which we live.

How did we do it? In collaboration with firm members and clients, we went back over the story of Stikeman Elliott, re-telling it, listening anew and gaining fresh perspectives. This dynamic process provided invaluable insight and profound meaning to the continued evolution of our brand.

There is more news to come about our refreshed brand, but for now, please enjoy navigating through our website, searching content relevant to you, and learning more about what makes Stikeman Elliott the firm that clients come to when it counts the most.