Sophie Lamonde discusses the M&A process in the era of virtual meetings with Les Affaires

June 22, 2020

Sophie Lamonde, partner and head of the Mergers & Acquisitions Group in the Montréal office, recently discussed the challenges of negotiating mergers and acquisitions in the era of virtual meetings with Les Affaires.

Normally, non-verbal communication is very important during the negotiation of a merger/acquisition. However, according to Sophie, "in these times of pandemic where we can't all be in the same room", we are losing an important aspect of information that is usually conveyed through non-verbal language. While it is possible to write privately during these meetings, "it can be disturbing to receive a text message or an e-mail in the middle of negotiations while you're talking," she says.

According to Sophie, it's best to replace the non-verbal with solid preparation before any negotiation. She advises clearly defining and delineating the roles of the players and the issues to be addressed. "Negotiating virtually is nothing new. It is already done on occasion in cross-border transactions. But now that we have to do it more frequently than ever, it's the kind of thing that needs to be said and repeated more often" concluded Sophie.

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