ERCB Bulletin 2010-22 answers some questions regarding regulatory applications for CCS projects in alberta:

July 28, 2010

The Energy Resources and Conservation Board (“ERCB”) is responsible for the safe, responsible, and efficient development of energy resources in Alberta, including oil, natural gas, oil sands and coal. As part of this jurisdiction, the ERCB regulates approvals for the development and operation of carbon capture and storage (“CCS”) projects. The ERCB has answered some of the questions about how it will treat CCS project applications in Bulletin 2010-22, ERCB Processes Related to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Projects

Bulletin 2010-22 clarifies that the ERCB will use existing instruments to process applications for approval to develop and operate a CCS project, including the following (among others):

The ERCB’s reliance on its existing instruments likely means that its past decisions with respect to acid gas disposal schemes will serve as a useful source for guidance on how the CCS project applications will be treated. For a recent example of such a decision, see Decision 2009‑073 + Errata, AltaGas Ltd. Applications for Two Pipeline Licences, an Amendment to a Facility Licence, and Approval for an Acid Gas Disposal Scheme, Pouce Coupe Field.

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