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M&A in Canada

Stikeman Elliott's M&A in Canada is an extensive guide to the legal issues involved in the acquisition of a Canadian business, whether the transaction is public or private, friendly or hostile.  Below you will find links to the full guide as well as individual chapters.

MA in Canada

M&A in Canada (full guide)

MA in Canada M&A in Canada: Competition and Foreign Investment Law
MA in Canada

M&A in Canada: Private Company Acquisitions 

MA in Canada` M&A in Canada: Public Company Acquisitions
MA in Canada M&A in Canada: Duties of the Target Board
MA in Canada M&A in Canada: Minority Shareholder Protections
MA in Canada M&A in Canada: Private Equity Investment

Specific FAQs

In addition to the resources above, we have FAQs on specific M&A topics.

Canadian Opportunity Investment Canada Act FAQ
Retail Sale of a Business: Employment, Labour and Pension Law FAQ
Oil and gas Oil and Gas Employment Law: Alberta/B.C. FAQ

M&A Trends and Deal Points

Understanding market trends and deal points is key for companies at the negotiating table.  Below are two of our latest resources.

Private Equity Private M&A Deal Points 2017: Canada vs. USA 
Oil and gas Oil and Gas: Canadian Public M&A Deal Points 2015 

Other Publications

The Private Equity Review: Canada

Getting the Deal Through: Acquisition Finance 2014

Financier Worldwide: Annual Review Cyber Security & Risk Management

Doing Business in Canada

Stikeman Elliott's Doing Business in Canada is designed to give those interested in pursuing Canadian business opportunities an overview of Canadian law as it relates to business and investment.

Doing Business in Canada Doing Business in Canada (full guide)