IIROC proposes more generic marketplace disclosure on trade confirmations

January 12, 2012

Earlier this week, IIROC released draft guidance regarding the language it considers acceptable for marketplace disclosure on trade confirmations. Currently, IIROC's Dealer Member Rules require that trade confirmations disclose the stock exchange or commodity futures exchange on which a trade takes place. In cases where an order is executed on more than one marketplace existing guidance permits dealers to disclose that the order has been executed on multiple marketplaces. The confirmation, however, must also disclose that details of each trade are available upon request.

In light of the move towards a multiple marketplace environment, IIROC's proposals would revise current guidance to allow for more generic disclosure on trade confirmations. Specifically, trade confirmations for securities subject to UMIR could include the following disclosure language: "Traded on one or more marketplaces or markets, details available upon request."

The proposed language would be acceptable in circumstances where an order was executed on a single marketplace in Canada, multiple marketplaces in Canada, a foreign organized regulated market or any combination of one or more marketplace and foreign organized regulated markets.

Comments on the proposals are being accepted until March 9, 2012.

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