Time is of the essence in public disclosures by dual-listed AIM companies

January 28, 2014

A recent reprimand by the London Stock Exchange of an AIM/TSX dual-listed company for not releasing an announcement in the UK at the same time as the announcement was released in Canada highlights the importance of ensuring that dual-listed AIM companies comply with the AIM Rules for Companies at all times (the AIM Rules).

Pursuant to Rule 10 of the AIM Rules, “information which is required to be notified by the AIM Rules must be notified by the AIM company no later than it is published elsewhere”. In practice, this means that an announcement by a dual-listed AIM company cannot be released to a foreign market at a time the AIM market is closed. This includes situations where information is made public in Canada solely through publication on SEDAR. 

Thus, if such information is required to be disclosed pursuant to the AIM Rules, any filing on SEDAR must be announced in the UK at the same time. It is important to note that this rule, as reinforced by the recent warning issued by the AIM team, precludes the company from making an announcement when one market is open and the other is closed, regardless of whether the same announcement is made immediately upon the other market opening the following business day.

Ultimately, this rule is designed to prevent investors in one jurisdiction from gaining a competitive edge over others by virtue of that market having access to information at a time when the same is not available through approved channels to all markets. Practically speaking, companies should be mindful to keep their advisors in each of the jurisdictions where it is listed up to date and abreast of announcements or matters which the board anticipate being the subject of an announcement, particularly their AIM nominated advisor.

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