Doing Business in Canada

Stikeman Elliott's Doing Business in Canada is designed to give those interested in pursuing Canadian business opportunities an overview of Canadian law as it relates to business and investment.  Below you will find links to individual chapters related to technology and intellectual property as well as the full guide.

Doing Business in CanadaCanada: Electronic Commerce Law Overview
Doing Business in CanadaCanada: Consumer Protection Law Overview
Doing Business in CanadaCanada: Privacy Law Overview
Doing Business in CanadaCanada: Intellectual Property Law Overview
Doing Business in CanadaDoing Business in Canada (full guide)

Technology Companies

The resources below can be used by technology companies through their lifecycle from start-ups, through going public to M&A transactions.

TechnologyCanadian Technology Start-ups FAQ
Doing Business in CanadaGoing Public in Canada
M&A in CanadaM&A in Canada


Our expertise in negotiating and drafting of complex service and outsourcing arrangements in Canada and internationally is reflected in the resource below.

Practical Law: Outsourcing in Canada Overview

Security and Risk Management

Security and risk management are key considerations for all business organizations. The resources below provide some information on privacy, data security and information management matters in Canada.

CommunicationsManaging Mobile Devices for Work and Play: Tips
Financier Worldwide: Annual Review Cyber Security & Risk Management


Intellectual Property


Electronic Commerce

Government Links

Intellectual Property

Privacy Commissioners Websites