Doing Business in Canada

Canada is one of the world's top destinations for business investment, with a well-educated workforce, a wealth of natural resources and free trade arrangements with many of the world's major economies. Stikeman Elliott's Doing Business in Canada is designed to give those interested in pursuing Canadian business opportunities an overview of the laws and regulations that affect investors (particularly foreign investors) and their businesses. Download: English (2.2 Mb), French (2.6 Mb), Deutsch (2.5 Mb), 中文 (2.9 Mb), 한국어 (4.0 Mb)

Download by chapter:

Canada: An Investor’s Overview (1.0 Mb)

This short guide provides an overview of Canada's political and constitutional structure. In addition to being a constitutional monarchy and a democracy, Canada is a decentralized federal state in which power over legal matters affecting trade and commerce is often wielded at the provincial rather than the national level.

Canada: Trade, Investment and Immigration Law Overview (1.2 Mb)

Canada has been a leader in the effort to reduce global trade barriers entering into free trade arrangements with the U.S., Mexico, the E.U. and many other jurisdictions. This guide reviews the legal requirements surrounding foreign investment, trade and immigration.

Canada: Basic Business Law Overview (973.1 Kb)

The basics of Canadian business organizations are dealt with in this publication. Among the forms considered are corporations, general partnerships, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, unlimited companies, joint ventures and franchising and licensing arrangements.

Canada: Capital Markets and Securities Law Overview (916.7 Kb)

Canada's capital markets are regulated by a securities regulatory framework enforced primarily by provincial regulators and the major exchanges. This publication provides an overview of the securities law landscape in Canada.

Canada: Employment Law Overview (7.1 Mb)

In Canada, employment and labour law are primarily matters of provincial jurisdiction. This Stikeman Elliott guide reviews key employment issues across the country's major jurisdictions, including federally regulated industries, highlighting key distinctions between Canadian and U.S. law in this area.

Canada: Environmental Law Overview (958.9 Kb)

Canadian environmental protection legislation has both federal and provincial aspects and creates a variety of responsibilities and potential liabilities for businesses. This Stikeman Elliott guide provides a basic overview of the environmental laws and regulations in effect at the federal and provincial levels.

Canada: Consumer Protection Law Overview (821.9 Kb)

Consumer protection law in Canada is primarily a matter of provincial competence and varies significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This overview is designed to help foreign investors understand the range of responsibility and potential liability applying to businesses that deal with consumers.

Canada: Languages of Business Overview (980.6 Kb)

Canada's official languages are English and French, and language requirements must be considered when doing business in Canada. A part of our guide on Doing Business in Canada. Significant issues can include language of customer service, packaging and catalogues and, increasingly, of websites and social media.

Canada: Conflict of Laws Overview (947.9 Kb)

This publication explains the principles that guide Canadian courts in deciding whether to hear a dispute that is connected to another jurisdiction, when to apply the laws of another jurisdiction and when to enforce a foreign judgment.

Canada: Competition Law Overview (1.0 Mb)

Through the federal Competition Bureau, the Government of Canada actively examines potential anti-competitive effects of mergers and other business practices. This Stikeman Elliott guide helps investors to anticipate competition/antitrust issues that arise in transactions as well as in the ordinary course of business.

Canada: Intellectual Property Law Overview (1.1 Mb)

This publication is an overview of federal legislation governing intellectual property rights. It considers Canadian registration requirements, rules regarding the length of protection and the penalties that can be applied when IP rights are infringed.

Canada: Real Estate Law Overview (1.0 Mb)

In Canada, the sale and development of real estate is a matter of provincial jurisdiction. This Stikeman Elliott guide provides investors with an overview of requirements for land acquisition and development in the country's major jurisdictions.

Canada: Insolvency and Restructuring Law Overview (990.8 Kb)

Insolvency and restructuring in Canada fall primarily under federal jurisdiction, with the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) and Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) being the leading statutes in this area. This publication will help those with insolvency-related questions understand how the Canadian regime functions.

Canada: Electronic Commerce Law Overview (1.0 Mb)

In response to the increasing use of electronic transactions in commerce and government, new laws focusing on electronic commerce issues have been introduced in Canada. This guide provides an overview of Canadian e-commerce legislation. This chapter is currently under review.

Canada: Privacy Law Overview (973.4 Kb)

The federal government and some provinces have enacted legislation to govern the private sector's use and disclosure of personal information. This publication provides an overview of the legislation and how it affects businesses operating in Canada.

Canada: Taxation Law Overview (898.1 Kb)

Business taxation in Canada includes income taxes, sales and commodity taxes, payroll taxes and real estate taxes -- some federal and others provincial. This Stikeman Elliott overview explains the business taxation landscape in Canada with particular attention to transfer pricing, tax treaties and other cross-border issues.

Canada: Broadcasting and Telecommunications Law Overview (1.0 Mb)

This Stikeman Elliott guide considers broadcasting and telecommunications regulation in Canada, including the role of the CRTC, foreign ownership limitations and radio spectrum management.

Canada: Energy and Natural Resources Law Overview (937.0 Kb)

This publication discusses the division of powers between federal and provincial governments in the energy and natural resources fields. It explains the role of the National Energy Board and the effect of NAFTA and GATT on cross-border commerce in these important areas.