Going Public in Canada

This Stikeman Elliott publication is an in-depth guide to the process of going public. It covers timing and structuring issues, the process of obtaining a stock exchange listing in Canada, the prospectus process, tax issues associated with an IPO and ongoing disclosure requirements for a public company. Download: English (1.4 Mb), French (1.1 Mb)

Download by chapter:

Going Public: Whether and How to Go Public (665.6 Kb)

The decision to go public is one of the most critical in the life cycle of a business. This publication looks at the advantages and disadvantages of going public, as well as at the alternative ways of doing so: IPOs, reverse take-overs, special purpose acquisition corporations and capital pool companies.

Going Public: Obtaining an Exchange Listing (540.9 Kb)

This short guide discusses the basic requirements for obtaining a listing on the TSX or TSX Venture exchanges. It includes tables that set out listing requirements for a variety of industry categories.

Going Public: Timing the IPO (515.3 Kb)

This overview of timing considerations for a TSX IPO summarizes the necessary steps over a 13-week timeline that reflects a typical real-life IPO preparation process.

Going Public: Getting Your Company Ready (594.3 Kb)

This Stikeman Elliott publication reviews the IPO process, from choosing advisers and underwriters to preparing business plans, appointing independent directors and getting the financial statements in order.

Going Public: The Art of the Prospectus (646.1 Kb)

This Stikeman Elliott publication describes the Canadian prospectus requirements, including financial information that must be disclosed (retrospective and forward-looking), securities commission clearance and prospectus-related liability issues.

Going Public: Life as a Canadian Public Company (713.4 Kb)

After becoming a reporting issuer, a public entity and its directors, officers, employees and other related persons face a number of new obligations. This publication explains ongoing compliance requirements, including continuous disclosure, corporate governance, secondary market liabilities and insider trading and reporting rules (among others).

Going Public: Tax Issues to Consider (558.9 Kb)

Tax issues are a major consideration for any company contemplating the possibility of going public. This Stikeman Elliott guide explains some of the advantages and disadvantages of public company status from a tax perspective.